RDM Studio

Nilanjana Banerjee established RDM Studio in 2015. People of different ages, ethnicities and cultural background unite under Nilanjana’s tutelage. They experience cultural immersion and learn authentic lineage based dance.
Nilanjana specializes in teaching adults. A physically fit and conditioned body is the key to learning dance. At RDM Studio we have dancers 5-60 learning with us. Nilanjana bonds with all her students and motivates them to acheive their highest potential.
Over a period of time Nilanjana realized the power of her dance, how she was not only teaching them an ancient art but also healing them with her energy and giving them the power and confidence of a Devi. Scores of women have benefited from her teaching and mentorship. Nilanjana is an excellent teacher blessed with peace and patience in her soul. Within a short span of time her students imbibe her deep rooted love and devotion to practicing Odissi.
At RDM Studio each student undertakes their dance journey at their own pace. Individualized attention to all students makes dance a personal self-fulfilling experience. Different programs are offered keeping in mind the interest and ability of the students.

Learn with world renowned
dance master teacher Nilanjana Banerjee

Learn exclusive choreographies and repertoire of all 3 Lineage Gurus
  • All students have direct access to our digital learning resources.
  • Containing videos that cover dance techniques, steps, movements, choreography and more.
  • Easy to understand and follow, our library has 500+ videos and continues to grow.
  • Clear and concise instructions given. 


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