RDM Studio

Temple Dancers

This specially designed program introduces you to the mystical world of Maharis : Temple Dancers of Orissa.

No prior dance training is needed. Dancers of all ages are welcome to explore Odissi  at their own pace. Nilanjana is a hands-on teacher focussing on Angashuddhi: posture refinement. Students get a good grasp of footwork, and the Navarasa : expressing the nine emotions through facial expressions. They can use their skillset to choreograph pieces and express themselves artistically as a classically trained dancer.

For many  the fun, light environment of Nilanjana’s classes are a highlight of their day. Students get the benefits of wellness, yoga and meditation in one class as they de-stress and work on their mind-body integration.

Foundation Course


Intermediate Course

Like yoga, classical Indian dances have a strict lineage protocol. Every teacher has a different style and approach. Dancers coming from different lineages and teachers are expected to start from the Foundation course and work their way up.